Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

The concept and design of a hot air balloon is such a fitting image for this deeply profound and very useful quote about the importance of simplicity. A hot air balloon is very simple in concept. Hot air is lighter than cold air and thus causes a balloon to rise. This very simple concept can be applied to the simplest flying device in the world, a giant hot air balloon. But besides it being very simple, it gives the ability to soar through the skys and go almost anywhere we want to go!

Thus the hot air balloon is the perfect example of a very important concept in every science, and in fact every thing we do in our lives. We should not worry about how complicated or sophisticated things are but realize that if something is overly complicated it is because the designer did not put the effort into designing properly. The best designers or architects place practically and simplicity to an upmost importance and in fact require much more sophistication to ensure that the final design is as simple as possible.

We can also apply this concept to our own lives, and think deep down what exactly makes us happy. When we think like this we will realize that expensive things don't actually matter that much, but rather our relationships with our family, friends, and above all our very selfs, make us feel the most fulfilled and happy. So simplify your life because sometimes it takes a little extra effort and complexity to do so!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
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